To make the most of FooGolf, attach your launch monitor.

Play golf online with your friends from $1 per hour.

FooGolf is the future of online golf. Play golf on the web from anywhere.

Choose from hundreds of photo-realistic simulations of the world's most popular golf courses on the popular GSPro golf simulator.

No Windows gaming computer or graphics card required. Use your Mac, an old Windows laptop, a Chromebook, even a Raspberry Pi 5.

Play GSPro on your own cloud PC

There's no need to spend thousands of dollars on a physical Windows gaming PC. A FooGolf cloud PC is just as good, and you only pay while you're using it.

Create a Windows gaming PC in the FooGolf cloud for $39.

30 free hours included, $1 per hour thereafter.

Bring your own GSPro licence.

Create a cloud PC    Try it first

Connect your launch monitor over the internet

Connect any launch monitor that connects to the GSPro Open API.

Add a second launch monitor to add putting to launch monitors that don't support it.

Players who have hung up their clubs can still join and hit shots using their mouse.

Cloud replays to showcase your great shots

Capture video replays of your best shots in GSPro.

Download and share to Facebook, WhatsApp or Youtube.

Replays are stored for 30 days after your session.

Play for free at the Night Range

Night range is the first free online golf experience from FooGolf.

Hit shots into the void and make sure your launch monitor is working.

Make sure your launch monitor will work with GSPro before spending any money.